Friday, July 04, 2008

Mr Spiderman - ONE YEAR AGO

It's true when they said that you should prevent your children from watching action movie. Why? Children don't understand the meaning of fiction & non-fiction. No matter how many times you tried explaining to them that humans don't fly (aka Superman) or don't jump from one building to the next (aka Spiderman) but they still have the hearts to try (curiosity kills the cat?). Nabil just celebrated his 4th birthday on May 12th 2007. It happened that week channel 5 was showing Spiderman 2 and we have fun watching together. Who would have thought the next few days while nobody's watching, he decided to try all the moves (jumping from the bed) and did he fall hard. So hard that he fractured his left arm. Poor daddy was working at site (Tuas) at that time and couldn't be contacted. Poor mummy (me) have to bring him to KK Children's Hospital where the doctor told that he needs to be operated immediately. I tried to be cool while watching him screaming in pain but i did burst into tears when daddy called to know what's going on?
Anyway, he was operated on 17 May 2007 and discharged on 18 May 2007 and is doing well. His cast was changed twice and last week, his cast and k-wire have been removed.
I don't think he learnt his lesson though cause he is still jumping up and down but no worries. I still keep his cast and k-wire with me just to remind him every now and then. I guess that would be my weapon against him.


Nora Fuad said...

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